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The UnderWorld seeks to explore and expose the environmental predicament in which the world finds itself in relation to the decline of many insect species including our essential pollinators.

A world without pollinators would struggle to feed the 7 billion people on the planet. Pollinators are paramount to human survival as they are the foundation of the food chain without whom our food sources would no longer be viable.

In the book, I also explain, through text and images, the fascinating variety of protective camouflage techniques used by insects, in their attempt to avoid predation, as well as the many stages in their moulting process. Some insects lose their outer exoskeleton up to 60 times in their evolution to adulthood. Some insects are born without mouthparts so they never eat. They exist only as part of the food chain.

Other insects have lives that are measured in hours, here for a short time purely to support the lives of other species. In the book there are over 120 beautifully photographed images of some of the most interesting insects across Australia. These photographs have been taken in an extremely wide range of ecosystems, ranging from the Alpine regions of the Snowy Mountains all the way up to Far North Queensland in the Wet Tropics of the Daintree World Heritage region. I travelled in excess of 13,000 kilometres to acquire these photographs and create this book.

Watch the Fujifilm featurette, following Rob as he captures images in Far North Queensland for the UnderWorld project.

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  • 162 pages of beautiful landscape and wildlife images
  • Printed on quality 150gsm satin paper
  • Deluxe 6 colour printing
  • Gloss hard cover
  • $99AUD each
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    About Rob

    Rob is currently the resident photographer and event writer at Sydney Motorsport Park. In addition to his professional motor racing duties, Rob’s personal photography passions are wildlife and exciting landscapes. Since 2010 Rob has travelled regularly through the continental USA , New Zealand, Vanuatu on photography quests searching for amazing landscape and exciting wildlife imagery.

    With a newly acquired “big rig” 4WD caravan setup Rob has started to document the visual wonder of Australia.

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